Photos by Sarah Krieg Photography

The Brooklyn band rides the line between the late 70’s disco and early 80’s new wave, yet they have created a sound and groove all their own. Or as Pancakes and Whiskey put it, “modern with just the right amount of nostalgia.”  Founded by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Charlie Pino and singer/songwriter Tim Kodres after the two met at the Brooklyn strip club Pumps, when they had both been locked out of the music studios above the club. The indie dance band’s name, Blacktop Daisy, is a nod to that chance meeting.  They have since been joined by Dylan Sorensen on saxophone and Adrian Morgan on bass.  Their EPs Chance Encounter (2017), Super Deluxe (2016), Evolution (2014) and Tear It Down (2013) are available on digital platforms.  Blacktop Daisy have played in New York City venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Rough Trade, CMJ - The Delancey & Leftfield, House of Yes, Arlene's Grocery, C’mon Everybody, The Bitter End, and Pianos amongst others.

Live at Rockwood Music Hall, New York City. Uptown by Prince and Get Down Baby from Blacktop Daisy's first EP, Tear It Down.



"Blacktop Daisy comes out swinging with a funk and a groove that you didn't know you needed in 2017 until you needed it. With a production that gives me Giorgio Moroder meets Nile Rogers, this group is everything I need. Chance Encounter is their fourth EP release and it's packed full of amazing tracks... you get an fantastic representation of what modern disco sounds like. These songs should be played opposite Sylvester and or The Bee Gees...The vocals are bananas... I feel like these guys came out of nowhere and I'm damn glad they did. "Fire in the Hole" is this bass heavy funk groove that just gets into your blood and eases everything out. I don't want to make cliché comparisons to being at Studio 54 or anything like that but I will say that what this track gives me is hope for a much funkier resurgence of music across the board. I don't think they're just playing some nostalgia game, I think this group is dyed in the wool, funk soldiers in the army of Disco."  (Pop. Rinse. Repeat)